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Santa Fe - District 3 City Councilor 

Passionately Serving

City Councilor Roman “Tiger” Abeyta's roots run deep in Santa Fe. His family has been in Santa Fe since 1610, when it was still a Spanish colony. His devotion and love for the city runs deep. Tiger is devoted to and passionate about moving Santa Fe forward while still honoring and embracing the extensive history of this great city.

Tiger's Work

Tiger was elected to the City Council in March 2018. He serves as the Chairman of the city's Finance Committee and is a member of both the city's Public Works Committee as well as the Joint City County Solid Waste Management Agency (SWAMA). He is seeking re-election to City Council District 3, which serves the south side of Santa Fe.

Tiger's Initiatives

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Southside Teen Center

For over 10 years, the city talked about building a teen center. When Tiger was elected to the City Council, he made building the teen center a priority. He lobbied the State Legislature to secure the funding for the Center. He helped secure a contract for Earth Care to conduct a needs assessment and interview teens. Groundbreaking on the teen center is scheduled for late summer/early fall.

Bringing City Council to the south side

For the first time in the city's history, regularly scheduled City Council meetings were held at the Southside Library. Tiger will continue to fight for more city meetings to be held at Southside Library as well as other venues outside of City Hall.

Extend Jaguar Drive

In an effort to relieve traffic congestion on Airport Road and within Tierra Contenta, Tiger will work with the mayor and fellow District 3 City Councilor Rivera to extend Jaguar Drive to the Santa Fe Regional Airport.

Renovated Space

Affordable Housing

Tiger was raised in low-income housing and later worked and lived in Santa Fe as an adult. So, he knows firsthand how expensive it is to live and raise children here. As a City Councilor, Tiger supported several affordable housing initiatives. In his second term, Tiger will advocate for permanent funding to the city's Affordable Housing Trust Fund. Tiger will pursue legislation such as a Property Tax-Mill Levy, as well as the set aside of city land sale proceeds, Capital Improvement Program funds, and GRT revenue from the sale of legal recreational cannabis.

Extend Water and Sewer Service

Several years ago, the city of Santa Fe reached an agreement with Santa Fe County on the annexation of property within the city limits. Much of the area annexed was annexed into District 3. Since this property was in the county, the residents didn't have access to water, sewer, or paved road. Tiger is working toward getting water and sewer lines extended to the properties that are in District 3. 

Smiling Senior Woman

Designate and Build a Senior Center in District 3

District 3 does not have a senior center. If re-elected, Tiger will work with the state and federal government to secure funding to build a senior center in District 3 in order to serve the needs of its older residents.

Spanish Language Translation

Prior to serving on City Council, Tiger coached boys and girls basketball at Sweeney Elementary School. Most of Tiger's players lived in homes where Spanish was the only language spoken. Applications, rules and regulations were only provided in English. The burden continues to fall on these children when their parents have to deal with the city of Santa Fe. The burden continues to fall on these children when their parents have to deal with the City of Santa Fe. As the Chairman of the city's Finance Committee, Tiger voted to allocate $75,000 toward Spanish language translation and the interpretation of city policies and procedures. 

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